Our mission
of Magog Technopole

Magog Technopole’s mission is to attract and foster the growth of technological and innovative businesses by providing them with an exceptional work environment and living environment in a passionate community focused on knowledge sharing for the benefit of great region of Magog.

The objectives

  • Attract ICT world leaders and foster the emergence of information and communications technology (ICT) businesses.
  • Provide a receptive and supportive environment.
  • Attract Green ICT research groups.
  • Promote high-tech organizations.
  • Ensure a supportive role for ICT businesses as an added value.
  • Promote networking.
  • Promote a rewarding environment in which to live and work.
  • Support regional innovation and its spin-offs.
  • Promote the harmonization of technology and lifestyle milieus.
  • Stimulate and encourage sustainable development.

The benefits for the city of Magog

  • Job creation.
  • Attract professional talent.
  • Accelerate business startups.
  • Retain employees and businesses already established in the region.
  • Dialogue with and mobilize a strong community, and strengthen the sense of belonging to the city of Magog.
  • Improve services to citizens and the quality of life in the city of Magog through ICT.
  • Stimulate the transfer of knowledge from universities to businesses.

A strong and dynamic

Through concrete initiatives,
Magog Technopole is known to be…

Welcoming and attractive

Develop strategic alliances. Solicit the contribution of the ICT Community in order to identify stimulating initiatives, and our strengths, and to consolidate our identity. Target workplaces that are accessible and well-adapted to the needs of businesses. Provide efficient infrastructure and stay abreast of technological advances.

Credible and recognized

Ensure increased attendance and participation at regional round-table and networking events. Make our companies and their projects known via the media and sustained networks. Reinforce our communication strategy.

Facilitative and collaborative

Establish a City/businesses coordination mechanism within the framework of the Intelligent City Magog project. Promote networking among companies and enhance expertise complementarities (technological showcase). Assist in financing. Consolidate the ICT Fund. Promote the amalgamation of funds. Enhance the one-stop approach.

Veloce and adaptable

Be an veloce and effective organization. Manage responsibly and transparently. Strengthen administrative follow-up mechanisms. Aim for efficiency in responding quickly to customers. Be in constant solution mode.


Annual reports are useful sites of information about Magog Technopole. They also demonstrate the impact that the organization has had in a specific year.

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Economic impact 2020
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Economic impact 2018
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Annual report 2017
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Annual report 2014
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