Why companies
choose us?

As a health and wellness specialist at work, when I proposed to create a program for the entire Magog Technopole ICT community, it immediately believed in the project as it was part of their vision to offer a quality of life at work as offered by large organizations. This has helped to build an active and healthy community and strengthen the social bonds between entrepreneurs and employees. Thank you for your vision, your openness and your support.

Jessica Mackey, Chairwoman, Via L’attitude, Magog

Magog Technopole offers us a highly dynamic environment and a team that accompanies us throughout the growth of our company. The business atmosphere and the collective spirit that reigns in the community help us at all levels. In addition to unparalleled support, networking opportunities, both at the incubator and at organized events, generate collaborations and sharing of expertise to accelerate the development of products and services by offering customers, in all sectors activities and especially for the 4.0 manufacturing sector, efficient and complete solutions.

Yannick Longpré, Co-founder and Technical Manager, eLab Extrusion, Magog

My experience with Magog Technopole is remarkable. From our first meeting, I realized that this hyper professional team would devote all their efforts to propel our company forward! The team is constantly working to provide us with a media platform of choice to showcase our successes in the innovation industry and to connect with other players in the community to generate new stories. Business opportunities.

Jean-Philippe Charbonneau, Development Manager, 3e joueur, Magog

Nous avons initialement été attirés par Magog Technopole pour son cadre professionnel parfaitement adapté aux jeunes entreprises technologiques comme la nôtre. Dès notre intégration à l’écosystème, nous avons constaté le contexte dynamique avec les autres entreprises, ainsi que la passion de leur équipe dévouée. Grâce à une grande capacité d’écoute, à de bons conseils et à des initiatives concrètes, Magog Technopole nous permet d’accélérer notre progression, tout en favorisant une orientation claire pour notre organisation.

Jean-Sébastien Duguay, President, Centralio Technologies inc., Magog