MAGOG, April 5 2017 – RINZINZIN, President, Gary Denault and Vice-president, Robert Sévigny, signed a five year deal with PAR Member golf courses to create mobile apps for their 33 members. PAR Members is the second largest association of private and semi-private golf courses in Canada.

RINZINZIN also signed an agreement with the Quebec Association of Golf Clubs (ACGQ) to create their mobile app and to be the exclusive supplier of mobile apps for their members. PAR Member golf courses and the ACGQ account for 150 courses and reach over 50% of golf players in Quebec.

“ It’s really exciting for us is to enter a market segment and potentially have 50% of its customers use our technology, states Gary Denault, chief evangelist, for RINZINZIN’s mobile applications. Our apps will be used to provide all relevant information to club members about what’s going on at their club without them having to consult a Web page or go the club.”

The apps will allow clubs to inform their members in real time of weather conditions, playing conditions, delays, pro-shop specials, on-going events and events to come.

“ One of the apps main functions will be emergency notifications and crisis management, says Denault, who wants to make those functionalities a focal point. In case of an eminent thunderstorm for example, the app can be used to warn players to head back to the clubhouse. It will also have lighter uses such as ordering lunch for the turnaround before teeing of on the 8th hole. It might seem somewhat ridiculous, but if it accelerates play, it might allow five more foursomes to tee off and increase club revenue. I truly believe that clubs who will offer our app to their members will heighten the playing experience at their club.”

For PAR Member golf courses, RINZINZIN will develop a live scoring app that will allow players in a tournament to have access to real time scoring and see how the leaderboard evolves. “It’s a functionality that will most certainly create the biggest buzz on the course during club tournaments, explains Denault. We want to reproduce the atmosphere and excitement of major tournaments for regular club players. We’ll bring the leaderboard straight to the player’s phones”

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