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Founded in January 2023 by a webtoons, webcomis and mangas enthusiast, the young startup, YURAI MEDIA, has the ambition to create a web platform allowing authors to share their works with the largest number of readers possible and monetize their passion.

We have several objectives! Among them, we want to offer more content to the French-speaking community around the world. We want to share with you the stories that the world has to offer! Another of our goals is of course to help authors and artists around the world to realize their dream of sharing their works with as many readers as possible, and to make a living from their passion. Yurai is a Japanese word that means Origin or Source. While authors and artists are at the origin of New Worlds and exciting stories, Yurai is your source for webtoons, webcomics and manga in French. We are the bridge that connects these series to the French community and our name is a tribute to their creators.

107, rue Principale Ouest, suite 250, Magog, QC J1X 2A6
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