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Navigo is a boat and lake sharing platform that allows anyone to become a member and benefit from access to several boats and lakes throughout Quebec.

Navigo partners with Marinas, including North Hatley. These partners provide member validation and support to both user members and boat-owning members who share their boats. All members are trained by our partners (e.g. Marinas) and can reserve or share boats at any time online. They are responsible for the maintenance of their boats, and if they use boats, they are responsible for their fuel and for leaving their boat in a suitable condition for the next member who sails.

All boats are fitted with a 4G-connected on-board computer, enabling owners to monitor the status of their boat in real time. In addition, each new shared boat must meet certain standards, including simplified instructions in the form of stickers and QR codes leading to help videos on all aspects of boat use, the environment and safe navigation.

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