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full and diversified

Magog Technopole offers its ICT company members a uniquely receptive environment where work and personal life complement one another. A catalyst for the growth of companies in the business ecosystem, Magog Technopole continues to expand the number and types of diversified services available to its members, for example, by creating new strategic collaborations. The personalized services offered to members are specifically designed to meet their needs in a creative and innovative way: a “one stop-shop,” mentoring, talent search, and ICT training, among many others.

Rental of workspaces

Welcoming environment

Incubator: Member companies have access to premises at a reduced cost and to conference rooms and projectors. In addition, WiFi is free and parking is included, all in a vibrant, dynamic environment.

On-going accompaniment

Solutions adapted to the needs of our members in collaboration with key players in the region. Just one example: our collaboration with the Dobson-Lagassé Entrepreneurship Center provides business mentoring. Recruitment and skill enhancement strategies.

Business networking and visibility

Identification of complementary areas of interest among companies and exploration of collaborations of all kinds. Inclusion of your company’s name and logo on our website.

Funding support

Magog Technopole offers you personalized access through a single window to: the Ville de Magog, MRC de Memphrémagog, CAE, Magog Technopole, MESI, DEC, Emploi-Québec and Investissement Québec, Femmessor and Desjardins, among others, thereby facilitating your access to mixed financing that can assist you in bringing your business projects to fruition.

Community activities

Entrepreneurial round table sessions, “5 à 7” get-togethers, lunch-time conferences, business training on specific topics, attendance at job fairs and at activities of our partners, and more.

Rental of workspaces

For reservation by email.

Collaborative spaces

Votre espace inclut :

  • Free WiFi

  • Access to two soundproof booths (for calls or video conferences)

  • Access to the photocopier ($)

  • Free access to the equipped kitchenette and lunch area

  • Access to the rooftop terrace

Rental rates

Open workspace (not dedicated) for one person
Day: Visitor $20,00 | Member $15,00

Small working room (4 to 6 people)
Haft day: Visitor $65,00 | Member $40,00
Day: Visitor $110,00 | Member $75,00

Large multi room (max 26 people)
Haft day: Visitor $130,00 | Member $90,00
Day: Visitor $220,00 | Member $150,00

Closed office (2 to 3 people)
Haft day: Visitor $55,00 | Member $35,00
Day: Visitor $90,00 | Member $65,00

2022 rates. Places are limited. Reservation required. Subject to change without notice.

ICT Funds

An ICT fund has been established in response to the surge of growth in the ICT sector in Magog and in order to support the establishment of innovative companies in its territory.

This fund of up to $75,000, supported by the City of Magog, is aimed at startups and at companies already in Magog and seeking to expand or improve their business.

The ICT sector constitutes an economic development lever in the region. It is for that reason that the City of Magog contributes and works to provide a welcoming facilitative environment for companies that choose the region for the start-up or the expansion of their ICT business, and why it offers them a tool to help them achieve their objectives.
The City of Magog offers companies which meet the eligibility criteria established and managed by Magog Technopole, the expert in this sector, access to an ICT fund as an incentive in the form of non-refundable financial assistance.

  • The value of the fund is currently $75,000.
  • The value of grants awarded is up to $10,000.
  • Companies can file a total of two applications in 5 years.


  • Support the pre-start-up and start-up companies in the ICT, sector that have chosen the city of Magog to set up and grow.

  • Support Magog Technopole member companies in the development of new high-potential projects.

  • Contribute to the socio-economic development of the region through the development of employment in this sector and also through quality jobs.


  • The company must have an office on the Magog territory, be incorporated and have submitted its application form and a complete file to Magog Technopole.

  • The company can be a startup or an established company that is part of the ICT community animated by Magog Technopole.

  • The company must associate its request with a relevant project: establishment, development, strategic issue, etc.

  • Other criteria determined by the analysis committee.

How to submit your application

Send your request by e-mail to Annie Caplette and include the following documents :

  • Application Form

  • Business plan;
  • Financial forecast.

If you have any questions, please contact Annie Caplette by e-mail or by phone at 819 432-2773.